Fujitsu SSSNA Reliability Promise

At Fujitsu we develop our products to meet the highest standards in both quality and technology. We are so sure of the excellence of our servers and SANs that we have created our Reliability Promise: should a hardware defect covered by the Fujitsu Standard Warranty for your server or SAN occur within one year of purchase we are offering our customers a repair and a full refund of the purchase price*. (Note - Hard disk drives will not be included within the reliability promise and will be managed under standard warranty).

If your Fujitsu Server or SAN develops a technical fault, contact the Fujitsu Warranty Support on 08702 434399 and our call centre agent will help you through the process.

Once your Fujitsu Server or SAN has been repaired, please fill out this online form within 14 days of the repair to claim back the purchase price of your server. Before you start to fill out the form please ensure you have the following information to hand:

  • Serial number of server/SAN
  • Reliability Promise reference number (emailed to you when you registered your server for the Reliability Promise)
  • Warranty Call Number (this will be used to ascertain proof of repair under the conditions of your warranty)
  • Proof of purchase document (to confirm purchase price)


Claim Form


Reliability Promise Reference Number
Serial number of server / SAN
Warranty call reference number
Description of fault
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Purchase price of eligible Server (excl. VAT):

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Payment Method

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