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SELECT Partner Program

The SELECT Partner Program is free to join and there are no barriers to entry: we focus on skills and competencies, giving all partners equal opportunity to advance to the highest levels of partnership.

Partners can progress through various levels by gaining specializations and certifications, with more benefits such as special rewards and rebate programs along the way. The higher you go, the more benefits you get.

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Fujitsu Select Partner Program - Select Registered

Summary of benefits of becoming registered and joining the program include:
Channel partner portal
Instant access to channel partner portal
Architect configurator
Access to web architect configurator
Rising stars
Rising stars loyalty program
Select academy training
Select academy training
Account management
Internal dedicated account management
Rising Stars Rising Stars

Partner loyalty programme, in which partners can earn points from their Datacenter VFY & BTO purchases through distribution and turn those points into vouchers to redeem against any Datacenter VFY purchases in the following quarter

Rising Stars
Already a Rising Stars member? View your points